Nominations & Elections Committee

Nominations and elections for chapter board/leadership positions are to be overseen by a Nominations and Elections Committee reporting to the board liaison. The board liaison is the point of contact between the committee and the board of directors/leadership team.

Board Liaison Role & Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the call for volunteers to serve on the committee
  • Selecting committee members
  • Communicating requirements around conflict of interest, confidentiality, and PMI’s policy prohibiting campaigning and electioneering
  • Providing committee with documentation, including:
    • Chapter governing documents (bylaws, policies, etc.)
    • Descriptions of open positions
    • Eligibility criteria for open positions
    • All documented processes for nominations and elections
  • Providing clarification on any of the items listed above
  • Providing status updates on committee activities to the board
  • Coordinating with the Chapter’s Administrator at PMI-Global Operations Center for any support required

Checklist of Nomination Events

  • Publication of election announcements
  • Conduct opening call for candidates
    • Self-nominations: committee solicits for members to self-nominate
    • Board nominations: each board member submits nominee names at board planning meeting
    • Chapter nominations: committee solicits chapter members to nominate other chapter members
  • Gathering of interest statements (with self-nominations)
  • Review interest statements
  • Review nominee references
  • Candidate assessment
  • Acceptance/rejection of candidates
  • Communicate decision
  • Publish list of candidates

Nominations of all candidates must be finalized prior to the beginning of the election process.


Election Process

The election process is broken down into three sections: prior to the election, while the election is open, and close of the election.

Checklist Prior to Election

  • Collection of final, board-approved nominee documentation
  • Candidate biographies; suggested information about candidate includes:
    • PMI certifications
    • Work history aligning with aspired volunteer role
    • Past chapter volunteer experience
    • Non-PMI volunteer experience
    • Family, hobbies/interests
  • Candidate photos
    • Candidate photos are not required, but do provide added value to the election (candidate recognition by members)
  • Begin local communication of upcoming elections to chapter members
    • Announce upcoming election on chapter website
      • Upcoming election should be announced 2-4 weeks before election start
      • Announcement should be easily visible (on home page)
      • Announce upcoming election at chapter member meeting
      • Advertise upcoming election via newsletters, social media, email
    • Electronic Ballot
      • Prepare chapter members to expect regular emails from an address designated by the chapter on election start date

Checklist Once Election Opens

  • Voting reminders to membership
  • Announce open election on chapter website

Checklist Once Election Closes

  • Receive results from PMI Chapter Administrator
  • Communicate results to board and candidates
  • Begin local communication of election results to chapter members
    • Announce election results on chapter website
    • Announce election results at chapter meeting
    • Announce election results via newsletters, social media, email

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • PMI knowledge and experience
  • Member in good standing of PMI and PMI-Huron Valley Chapter
  • Ultimate team player – as a leader and team member
  • Must be willing to commit to attending board and membership meetings, responding to emails and participating in chapter events and operations as appropriate


Additional Notes

  • Reference (copied from): PMI Chapter Leaders’ Guide: Chapter Elections

Estimated Volunteer Hours During Nominations and Elections Process:  25-35